The next generation meme coin.

We are committed to democratising the meme economy so people have a chance to participate as early investors.

What is SHIBA II

SHIBA II is a community led project formalising the meme economy. We have created a 360 platform for the meme economy; providing full service meme creation, token minting and market consultancy. We are a community driven project - which means the community is integral in the decision making process. We have embedded in our company values the principles of fairness, kindness and integrity. SHIBA II operates on the dynamic Binance Smart Chain. This results in faster transactions with vastly less costly gas fees than the Ethereum blockchain. We see SHIBA II as an upgraded and more ethical version of the original SHIBA token.

Our Vision

The goal is to use the DAO structure to formalise and truly decentralise the creation of meme tokens - democratising the build process and fairly distributing wealth. Our objective is to make SHIBA II the first Decentralised Meme Organisation (DMO).

Our Mission?

Our mission is to ensure everyone has the same opportunity and access to a wealth creating meme economy. We are striving to make a difference by donating to humanitarian and social impact projects - using a share of our token reserves to facilitate global change.

Our tokenomics

Original Supply


Circulating Supply






Token Burn

3,00,000,000,000,000 (30%)


2% LP holders

5% in circulation


If you'd like to donate to the community, send ETH, SHIBII or BNB here xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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Welcome aboard Sibanauts!